Corporate Events

"Made with care, creativity and absolute attention to outcome objectives and all-important details of distinction. The GiftDesk team have all the skills and disciplines to create an impactful and memorable event with no elements outsourced. We own it, love it, and deliver with pride. When it comes to events, we always plays a major role ."

Full-service event production, creative and everything in-between—we’ve been doing it all for over two years. We own our own equipment (which means cost-savings for you) and we have the resources to handle any event you can imagine. Our experience and expertise means you get reliable service every time. And our versatility means you won’t have to work with multiple event planners or service providers. Seriously, we do everything!

Giftdesk organizes many events such as :-

  • Conferences / Seminars.
  • Team Building Events.
  • Trade Shows / Expos.
  • Product Launches.
  • Year End Functions
  • Corporate Events

    Types of Events

    Conferences / Seminars

    Being professional is a good part in life, but sharing your knowledge is the best part of life. So we the gift desk team provides many such best moments in life. We create an absolutely amazing atmosphere for all the summits, Webinars and even for conferences to share information and to gain inspiration.

    Stop searching and start sharing knowledge with help of GIFT-DESK event management team.

    To deliver knowledge or present our information to a team or students peaceful environment is must. Oppurtunities will develop, proffesional interactions happen and many more. Gift desk creates peaceful environment and manages all types of seminars and conferences in a professional manner

    Team Building Events

    Great things happen reguarly when it's done by a team. Activities in such events helps to socialize more, improve performance and helps to become best. Gift desk plans your activities, keeps your guest list and organize every moment of your event in a productive way. Gift desk plans everything in the best reliable way within your budget

    Trade Shows / Expos

    A well explained product has always a great reach in world so every latest products need to exhibited, discussed and demonstrated properly. In the market. Gift desk set objectives, and provides master plans which fetch you alot in promoting. This is how gift desk plans for successful trade shows within a budget.

    Product Launches

    Working on a product, modifying the product makes the product perfect, but launching the product with great gestures, with a great platform and in a right time is also a pivot point for the sucees of the product. So we the gift desk team is here for you to provide a great launch for all your products and make your product successful.

    Year End Functions

    There should be some point of time to express our gratitude, to shower our love or to confess something to the team with whom we worked with whole year, year end Functions are those that gives the chances. It develops our work relationships in very healthy way. Gift desk makes year end function more colorful by planning a special theme, delivering tasty food and providing entertainment in peaks within affordable budget.