"Food plays a part in so many of life’s memorable moments. We use it to celebrate, to come together, and even to soothe our bodies and our souls. It represents our heritage, our passions, and our unique personalities.Great meals fill us up and make us happy. And sharing those notable meals allows us to form life-long memories with family and friends."

That’s why food well done is so important and why so many of us turn to the “professionals” to provide catering services for our most important – and special – occasions, whether it be a birthday or anniversary, the birth of a new little one, a meal with friends or colleagues, a bridal shower or wedding, or even a gathering to celebrate the life of that special someone who has passed on . So the GIFTDESK is Offering a unwatchable menus for all occasions and parties for a valuable budgets in a delicious veg and non-veg varietes . We provide hygienic food with perfect taste and at a decent manner as well.

We provide assured quality food for different types of events such as :-

  • Local Veg & Non-Veg
  • Buffets
  • Various food styles around the globe
  • Catering or Cooking Staff Supply
  • On demand Food Menu
  • Suitable for All events & functions
  • Caterers

    Types of Food

    Breakfast Menu

    An induction programme or conference generally stretches for a whole day, and sometimes may even extend to a couple of days. So the menu items include the following:

    a) Breakfast beverages: Cold milk, hot milk, milk shake, fresh fruit juice, veg juice, tea, and coffee.

    b) Morning munchies: Idly, vada, uppuma or rice, uttappam, sambar, coconut chuttny, tomato chuttny, Gunpowder (molagapodi), ghee poori or bature, bajji or chole, potato dish, English veg, boiled egg, porridge, live station, egg dosa, pancake and french toast.

    c) Energy bites: sprouts, fresh vegetables, boiled green peas, boiled american corn, lemon, mint, chili, cherry, tomato, carrot, radish, cucumber, lettuce dressing, plain curd, flavoured yogurt.

    d) Morning bakery: White bread, brown bread, corn flakes, choco flakes.

    Local Veg & Non-Veg

    Vegetarian Recipes

    Delicious food make tummy full and even brings a blissful smile. Any event without a blissful smile and delicious food is something that went into vain. So, Gift desk is here to provide a delicious food in a well diginfied way. Gift desk also provide staff throughout the whole Telugu states. All are customised according to the clients need in an affordable budget so hurry up make your events delicious with our beautiful Giftdesk event management.

    Non-Vegetarian Recipes-

    Chicken lollipops, chilli chicken, wings, prawns Biryani.... Yeah.. yeah... Mouth Watering right. Gift desk provide a numerous varieties of non vegetarian dishes which are prepared with a quality stuff by an experienced chefs. Giftdesk is here for you to provide a yummy non veg stuff through out the telugu stages for any type of events to make your event complete. So what are you thinking of... Make your event delicious with our giftdesk specials.

    Buffet Menu

    a) Welcome drinks: Bar Man, Special Mocktail

    b) Starters: Veg starter, non-veg starter, dips & chutneys

    c) Soup: Veg soup, non-veg soup

    d) Soup accompaniments: Bread rolls, butter soup, stick crispy noodles, chicken cubes, spring onion, soya sauce, chili vinegar, chili sauce, scrambled egg, fried onion, fried garlic, cheese cubes

    e) Salad bar: Veg compound salads, fresh sprouts bar, fresh garden greens

    f) Salad dressings: Citrus vegetables, Non-veg salad

    g) South Indian accompaniments: Curd, curd rice, pickles, fried chili papads

    h-1) Non-veg main course: Chicken preparation, fish preparation.

    h-2) Veg main course: Paneer preparation, Indian veg preparation, South Indian veg preparation, dal preparation, flavored rice, steamed rice, rasam, tandoori breads, English baked dish or pasta, Chinese veg, noodles

    i) Desserts: Hot desserts, cold desserts, choice of ice cream – three types, nuts and chocolate sauce, cut fruits

    On Demand Food Menu

    Still not satisfied with the things you reached. Fine, stop bothering. Giftdesk is here for you people with a great varieties of continental dishes you love. Gift desk had a great trained cheifs who make absolutely superb delicious dishes for the clients throughout the telugu states. So why to worry when Giftdesk is nearby. Contact us for a numerous varieties of delicious continental dishes.

    Live Stations

    In any event, we people love to be in the entertainment mood and live to stick to that hangover. But our work doesn't give us that chance. No instead of just providing food, buffets etc, we the team of GIFT-DESK is here to reduce your burden and make you feel comfort by providing our staff to help you in all your needs. Our dignified staff serves you the food with hygiene atmosphere. So contact gift desk and enjoy every moment of the event.

    Tawa Vegetable counter: Seasonal vegetables with selected spices accompanied by the jingle of metallic flat grill and sizzle of clarified butter.

    Dosa counter: Natural fermented rice and lentil crepes served with assorted chutneys.

    Pasta station: Three kinds of pasta finished with your choice of sauces which are cream and tomato basil sauce.

    Chat counter: Pani poori, papdi chat and samosa chat will be served with exotic chutneys and sev.

    All these menus are followed by a large spread of options in both veg and non-veg to choose from, once you decide the schedule of meeting / outing.

    Menu for Corporate Meetings

    Huh..!!! Vexed up with the food menu's provided by the event managements??? Cool, Giftdesk is here for those who are vexed up with fixed food menu's. Giftdesk provides a client friendly food menu services choose your favourite varieties of food at low costs . We Mould your favourite's into the menu. Giftdesk is completely customisable providing a complete client's choice. So stop suffering with those menu and opt Giftdesk in demand food menu.