Questions with Answers

Q : Why should you Hire a Gift Desk Events team?

A : We at giftdesk is a team of professionals who understands and has advanced knowledge of what is essential to plan a wedding and the many details that need to be handled and managed on the big day. We are resourceful, detail-oriented, and organized, offering creative ideas to make your event a memorable one. Most of all, we help you to relax and enjoy your special day knowing that any problems that may arise are in the hands of a seasoned professional.

Q : What kind of events do you plan?

A : We plan all kinds of events and make them remarkable. Some of the regular events which we plan regularly are listed as follows: Weddings, Special Events, Festivals, Corporate celebrations, Conferences, Corporate retreats, Branding and product launches, Non-profit fundraisers, Annual meetings, Client/donor appreciation events, Grand openings, Sales meetings, Team building events

Q : What size events do you typically manage?

A : There is no particular size when it comes to our events and clients. We handle events of various sizes such as a wedding event for a couple of 500 attendees, a conference for a couple of thousand, and a fundraising event for a couple of hundred attendees. We occasionally have an intimate corporate event for under 100 guests. Irrespective of the event size, we handle each team as a major one and assist in making it a memorable one.

Q : Have you ever had celebrities at events?

A : Majority of celebrities you invite will not come to your wedding; many will send a note of congratulations or even may send back the response card. If you wish to invite celebrities such as movie stars, sports stars, rock stars, etc. we help you to fulfil your wish by inviting them to your special occasion. We don't get star-struck and don't want to drop our name, but to confirm our expertise. We have worked with many politicians, CEOs, entertainers and leaders.

Q : How do I contact you?

A : Let our experienced team research the best location for your wedding or special day or corporate meeting- within your budget. Complete the form below, and we will contact you immediately and begin the process. For inquiries about our services, please contact our sales team in your region by phone or via our online form. If you are interested in having us plan your next event, please contact us +91 888 622 5328 or mail us at info@giftdesk.in.

Q : Can I contact you whenever I have a meeting to schedule - even on short notice?

A : Undoubtedly!we love challenges. If you have a program to plan next month or even next week we are at your service. If your event is around the corner from your home, the city or the state, Giftdesk management is here to assist you.

Q : Can you book unique venue sites, such as: Star Hotels, Resorts or Function Halls for us?

A : Absolutely! We search for the best venues according to your requirements. Our team is wholly focused on your wedding vision and choose the best venue for you within your budget. We, along with star hotels, also book gardens, aquariums, and libraries.

Q : Can you do any event or function min. to max. budgets?

A : No. we plan all kinds of events from intimate elopements with just the bride and groom, to giant parties. As surprising as it would be, there is no wedding planning wand, so while we will constantly try to make things as cost-effective as possible for you, there is a limit. If something isn’t feasible within your preferred price point, then we will tell you and make alternative suggestions instead that may be more suitable. While planning a wedding, you want to understand what things cost – and as quickly as possible so you can set your budget and move forward. We don’t provide fixed packages, each wedding is different, and every couple has their requests and requirements, so the slightly frustrating answer is that it depends on what services you would like.

Q : Can you arrange a hotel rooms for extra guests?

A : We at giftdesk helps you find a variety of hotel rooms for extra guests, thus avoiding any inconvenience caused to your guests. We even book hotel rooms, even at the last moment without troubling your guests.